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Activist Pen-pals- So here’s the deal. Radical/progressive activist… - COKE SUCKS! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 26th, 2006|10:27 pm]


Activist Pen-pals-

So here’s the deal. Radical/progressive activist are scarce in the south. We have to fight a lifetime of conservative tradition in our families, communities, schools and government. Growing up we feel isolated because there are no progressive or radical communities past the opening of a ‘Hot Topic’ in the one mall in town (if yur lucky) So…after you make it through high school you either get the hell out of the south and go for ‘blue state paradise’, or you stay.
If you stay and choose to go the activist route and try and create a community of radical individuals pushing for social change…you face high school isolation/ridicule all over again. We are spread thin throughout the south and sometimes are the only people organizing around queer rights, reproductive rights, anti-racism etc. etc. etc.
Why should you care?
Well. As a fellow activist you obviously understand that when ONE is oppressed we are ALL oppressed. This goes for geographical location! I’m not asking you to pack yur bags and head south (though if yur interested let me know) I’m simply saying,
“Hey us southern activist need some lovin”
So why not send some lovin via: mix tapes, art, letters, words of inspiration, crafts, baked goodies etc. This is a small way to show a southern activist that you care and that their efforts are being acknowledged and they are not alone.
Here’s the deal. Don’t wait for a nice present back, again southern activist have A LOT on their plate. If some have the time they will send you goodies in return, but your satisfaction should be a new friend and fellow activist now has a rad tape to jam to when they are feeling down cause only 5 people came to their workers rights meeting, or they smile when looking at a homemade postcard and know that there are others who fight homophobia/hetrosexism.
So this is what I’m asking of you!
Send me your email address and what type of activism you primarily work on (if you have multiple include all) This way I can try and connect you with someone working on similar issues and hey you could offer some advice/resources!
I will then send you the name and mailing address of someone who is fighting hard for social change in the south.

-dana rae